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Vermont VA Disability Benefits or VA Compensation in VT

Vermont VA Benefits and VT Disability Compensation for Veterans

This page is about Vermont VA benefits for veterans in VT and includes information on VA disability compensation and lawyers.

It includes information on VA benefits specifically for Vermont veterans. You also will find information on how VT veterans can find their service records and will contain links and phone numbers for more information on benefits available to veterans in Vermont and their families. For information on VA compensation in general you should visit my page on the subject. I will also provide information on when you can hire a lawyer or attorney to help you with your VA compensation claim and give you information on how to find lawyers or attorneys who handle VA compensation claims for Vermont veterans. This page also include information on how you can find help applying for VA compensation benefits in VT.

Call me at 1-877-527-5529

VA Compensation Lawyers for Vermont Veterans

Free VA Compensation Evaluation

As many Vermont veterans may know, a new law was passed that allows lawyers to represent veterans in their VA compensation claims after they have received a denial and are filing a notice of disagreement to that decision. For a full explanation of the new law that allows lawyers to represent veterans see my page on the subject. If you have been denied your VA compensation claim by the regional office in Vermont or by the board of veterans appeals (BVA) feel free to call me and I would be happy to tell you if you can hire a lawyer and help you myself or help you find a local Vermont VA lawyer if you prefer. So why would you want an attorney for your VA compensation claim when you can have a veterans service organization or VSO help you for free? Let me start by saying that there are good representatives in veterans service organizations and there are good VSOs as well. That being said, I believe there are many reasons you may want to consider the paid lawyer option. First, the lawyer only gets paid if he wins your case and helps get you an increase in your benefits. This is not the only reason a lawyer should work hard on your case, but at least you know there is a common financial interest in winning your claim. Lawyers will also probably have a smaller caseload than most veterans service organizations and VSO's. Even though many VA compensation lawyers are fairly new to VA disability law, lawyers went to law school to learn how to research laws and case law, write briefs and represent claimants in court. Most of the lawyers in this field have a strong background in disability law such a Social Security disability and workers compensation. There are also many lawyers who have been handling VA claims at the federal court level for years. Trying to get VA compensation benefits is a legal matter and like any other legal matter it makes sense to have a lawyer representing you. Although at the present time there is a shortage of VA disability lawyers, the number of attorneys going into this field is increasing all the time. Because there is still relatively few lawyers in this field, it may be difficult to find a Vermont VA compensation lawyer. However, I and other VA disability lawyers handle cases nationwide. As I stated earlier, if you want the help of an attorney but you are looking for someone local I will try and help you find a VA lawyer in VT.

How to Apply for VA Compensation Benefits in Vermont

Although you cannot hire a lawyer to help you file your original application for VA compensation or pension benefits you can get help from a veterans service organization or VSO. The VA website has a list of veterans service organizations that can help you apply for VA compensation benefits in Vermont. There is also a phone number below that will help you find a representative for your application for VA benefits in Vermont. You also have the option to file your own application for VA benefits, however, if you choose to do it on your own you should make sure you do enough research to make sure you file for all the benefits you may be entitled to.

Vermont Veterans Benefits

Below is information on benefits available to VT veterans from the State of Vermont's Office of Veterans Affairs.  These are benefits that are specifically for Vermont veterans and are separate from any VA benefits you may be entitled to through the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Veteran Advocacy
(888) 666-9844

Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery
Call (802) 828-3381 to request an application package.

Vermont Veterans License Plates

Vermont Veterans Home
Veterans, their spouses, and some dependents and parents may be eligible to live in the Vermont Veterans Home.
(802) 442-6353

Employment and Training Assistance
Each State Department of Labor Career Resource Center has professionals who are trained to assist veterans in finding work or job training.

High School Diplomas for WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans
Veterans of the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War Eras who do not have a high school diploma may be eligible to receive one from a Vermont high school. Applications are verified by the Office of Veterans Affairs, and the diplomas are issued by a secondary school picked by the veteran.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses; Green Mountain Pass
Veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs Service Connected Disability rating of 100% can receive a free lifetime hunting and fishing license. They can also receive a free Green Mountain Pass, which provides free access to state parks. For the hunting and fishing license, you will need to obtain a verification letter from the White River Junction Benefits Office (1-800-827-1000). Submit the verification letter with a standard license application and send it to the Fish and Wildlife Department in Waterbury. You can call them at (802) 241-3700 for more information. Applications for the Green Mountain Pass are found at your town clerk's office.

Vermont Medals

Most Vermont Veterans who received an honorable discharge are eligible for a state medal honoring their service. There are two medals: The Vermont Veteran's Medal (Bronze) and the Vermont Distinguished Service Medal (Silver). The Vermont Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to those who served in a combat theater. Veterans may choose to have the medals mailed to them or presented in a ceremony. In cases where the veteran is deceased, the medals may be requested by a family member. Medals are usually mailed within 4 weeks of our office receiving an application; those who request a ceremony may have to wait up to a year before there will be a presentations.

If you have been denied your VA Benefits in Vermont and want a lawyer for your VA Compensation claim in VT call us we can help at 1-877-527-5529. 

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