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VA Benefits for Texas Veterans

Texas Veterans Benefits and VA Compensation in TX

Here you will find information on VA disability benefits for veterans who live in Texas.  You will find answers to questions such as:  How to apply for VA disability benefits in TX?  When can you hire a lawyer to help with your VA compensation claim?  How much do VA disability lawyers cost?  How do you appeal a VA Rating Decision in Texas?  You will also find the addresses of the VA Regional Offices and links to other helpful information.

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TX VA Compensation Attorney

If you are looking for help with your VA compensation claim you may want to know when you can hire a lawyer to help with the process.  You can hire a lawyer as soon as you get a decision on your application for VA disability benefits.  If you are looking for help with your application you can contact a TX veterans service organization or you can usually find help from one of these organizations in the same building as the VA regional office.  If you are denied or you are not happy with the outcome of the decision you can then consider hiring a VA compensation attorney to help you.  Most VA disability lawyers charge 20% of past due benefits to help with your claim.  In other words, they only get paid if they win more benefits for you and they would get 20% of the past due money owed to you but none of any future benefits.  The next question you may ask is how an attorney can help you with your VA compensation claim in TX?  A lawyer will review your decision and determine why your claim might have been denied or why you may have received less benefits than you deserved.  They will also review your c-file to determine what additional information or medical records are needed to get you the right decision.  They will then submit a brief on your behalf detailing why the decision is flawed and outline what benefits the veteran is entitled to and why.  As you continue in the process it may require the lawyer to represent you at a BVA hearing.  If you continue to be unhappy with the decision it may even require the attorney to represent you at the Court of Veterans Claims and sometimes even requires the lawyer to argue on your behalf at the Federal Courts.  

How to Appeal a VA Rating Decision in TX

After you have applied you will at some point receive a rating decision also referred to as a RD.  If you do not think the decision was correct you will need to appeal.  To appeal the decision you need to file a Notice of Disagreement also called an NOD for short.  You have one year from the date of the decision to file your NOD.  You should explain in your NOD what you are appealing and why.  You also need to let the VA know if you are requesting a decision review officer or a traditional appeal.  If you request a decision review officer the decision will be reviewed again by a DRO.  The DRO will then issue an SOC or Statement of the Case.  If you chose the traditional process then you will have to file a VA 9 form.  The case will then be sent to the BVA or Board of Veteran Appeals were a BVA judge will make a new decision usually after a hearing.  I should also mention if you chose the DRO option after you receive the SOC you would then file a VA 9 which will then take you to the BVA.  If you have any questions or need help with your claim you can call me at 1-877-527-5529.  You can also view my page on the VA disability process.

Below is the addresses for the VA Regional offices in Texas.  For more information on Texas veterans benefits you can visit the Texas Veterans Portal.

Waco Regional Benefit Office

701 Clay Avenue

Waco, Texas 76799


Houston Regional Benefit Office

6900 Almeda Road

Houston, TX 77030 

If you need help appealing your VA compensation decision contact me at 1-877-527-5529.

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