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Military Sexual Trauma as Stressor for PTSD

I will discuus Military Sexual Truama also called MST as a stressor for PTSD.  I should also note this page is relevent for all PTSD claims based on an in-service assualt.

These types of claims can be difficult to prove due to the fact that many of these incidents are not reported.   Therefore, a veteran claiming PTSD due to MST or another type of personal assault may find it difficult to provide evidence especially from the veterans service records.  The VA accounts for this by allowing other evidence to support a MST claim. 


MST Personal Assualt Evidence

What other evidence can help verify an MST or other in-service personal assault occurred?  The VA Manual M21-1MR suggest several alternative sources that include:  Rape crisis center or center for domestic abuse, counseling facility, health clinic, family members or roomates, civilian police reports, medical reports from civilian doctors or caregivers who may have treated the veteran either immediately or sometime later, fellow service persons, and clergy.  Other evidence that can be used to prove that an military sexual assault or personal assault occurred are things such as pregnancy tests, sexually transmitted disease tests, journal entrys, and evidence of behavioral changes.  Many PTSD claims based on MST are proved based on behavioral changes that occur after the incident.  Some examples of behavioral changes are substance abuse, a transfer request, psychiatric problems such as depression or anxiety attacks, eating disorders, economic changes or social changes.  It is important to remember that even if you are able to show the incident occured you must still have a PTSD diagnoses and a statement from a doctor that the PTSD is due to the in-service assault.  

VA Disability Attorney for MST or Sexual Assualt

Finding a VA disability attorney that has handled many military sexual assault cases is important since it often takes creative ways to figure out how to prove an unreported sexual assault occurred.  A VA compensation lawyer that is experienced in MST cases can handle your case with the sensitivity that is needed and fall back on his or her knowledge of these types of cases to help you win.  Due to the difficulty in showing a sexual assault or other personal assault occurred, especially if unreported, many of these cases are denied at application.  If you have been denied it can help to have your PTSD claim based on sexual assault reviewed by an experienced MST VA disability attorney

If you have been denied your PTSD claim based on MST or in service personal assault feel free to call me at 1-877-527-5529.

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