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VA Disability Compensation in Georgia


I will discuss VA attorneys for GA VA compensation claims.  I will also talk about applying for VA compensation in Georgia and appealing VA denials.  Lastly. I will discuss VA benefits for GA veterans.

Attorneys for VA Compensation in GA

If you have been denied VA compensation benefits you can hire a lawyer to help you with your claim.  Most VA lawyers charge 20% of past due benefits and this is recognized by the VA as a reasonable fee.  It is important to note that the lawyer only gets paid if he or she is able to get you your benefits or additional benefits, and in addition that it results in the award of past due benefits.
A VA compensation claim can be a very complex process and it may be a good idea to get help with your claim from an attorney who handles these types of cases regularly. If you do not want to pay a lawyer to help with your claim then you should consider a veterans service organization to help you.  A good representative can assist a Georgia veteran to get their service connected VA compensation benefits using many different techniques. First, they will look at why you have been denied in your rating decision. A lawyer or representative should then review your entire claim file to make sure it includes all of the evidence that is favorable to your claim. If there is evidence missing that could help substantiate your claim than a VA attorney can seek additional evidence. Additionally, attorneys will also write a brief which will point out all the evidence that is favorable to your claim. If you have to attend a hearing it is helpful to have a lawyer by your side to ask the right questions, and present to the judge the best arguments as to why you are entitled to the benefits you seek. VA compensation in Georgia and every other state is a long and frustrating process in most cases you will want the help.  
If you would like to ask me more questions about how a VA compensation lawyer can help you with your claim or if you have already decided you want help feel free to call me at 1-877-527-5529. I am located in New Jersey, but I handle cases nation wide, but if you prefer a local GA VA lawyer just ask.

Applying for VA Compenstion in GA

How do you apply for VA compensation benefits in GA? You can apply on your own or get the help of a VA VSO or veteran’s service organization. As I mentioned above, if you are denied in most cases you can then hire a lawyer to help you with your disability claim if you choose. A claim can be filed at the below GA VA Regional office. For more information about the steps in a VA compensation claim for your service connected disability, also called, the VA compensation process you can visit my web-page on the topic and you should also know you can apply on-line at the VA website.  The important point is that you apply as soon as possible if you think you have a service connected medical condition since in most cases you can only be paid from the date of your application for benefits.  To better understand the requirements for VA compensation for a service connected disability you should visit and read my page on the subject.

Appealing a VA Rating Decision in GA

To appeal a Rating Decision you need to file a Notice of Disagreement or NOD. In the NOD you should give an explanation of what parts of the decision you are appealing and why. Additionally, you will have to let the VA know if you are requesting a decision review office (DRO) or a traditional appeal. If the request is made for a decision review officer the decision will be reviewed again by a DRO. The DRO will then issue a statement of the case also called an SOC for short. If you instead choose the traditional process then you will have to file a VA9 form. The case will then go to the Board of Veterans Appeals or BVA. At this stage the BVA judge will make a decision usually after a hearing. It is also important to note that if you choose the DRO option after receiving the SOC you would file the VA9 if the SOC was unfavorable and this step will then take you to the BVA.

VA Regional Office for GA

Atlanta Regional Benefits Office

1700 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30033
Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm

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