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Florida VA Benefits

Florida VA Benefits for FL Veterans

This page is devoted to benefits available to Florida veterans from the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (FDVA). If you are looking for information on VA compensation and/or pension in FL I have a separate page on that subject.  The rest of this website is full of free information on how to get VA compensation disability benefits. What makes this information different is that it will show you benefits that are available for Florida veterans from the FDVA. This page will include information on the many different types of benefits available to Florida veterans. You will find information on Florida VA education benefits for FL veterans and their children. There is also a section on Florida veterans tax benefits including property tax reduction and exemptions. There is also a section on work preferences for Florida veterans. I will also explain FL VA benefits for homeless veterans. You will also find information on the Florida VA medical system benefits available to FL veterans and this section will also include information on VA nursing homes in the state. You will also find where and how you can apply for any of these benefits for Florida veterans.

FL Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption and Reduction

Homestead Exemptions for Permanent and Totally Disabled Florida Veteran.

Any real estate used and owned as a homestead by a veteran who was honorably discharged with a service-connected permanent and total disability and for whom a letter from the United States Government or VA or its predecessor has been issued certifying that the veteran is totally and permanently disabled is exempt from taxation, provided the veteran is a permanent resident of the state on January 1 of the tax year for which exemption is being claimed or on January 1 of the year the veteran died.

The production by a veteran or the spouse or surviving spouse of a letter of total and permanent disability from the United States Government or VA or its predecessor before the property appraiser of the county in which property of the veteran lies shall be prima facie evidence of the fact that the veteran or the surviving spouse is entitled to such exemption.

In the event the totally and permanently disabled veteran pre-deceases his or her spouse and upon the death of the veteran, the spouse holds the legal or beneficial title to the homestead and permanently resides thereon as specified in FS 196.031, the exemption from taxation shall carry over to the benefit of the veteran's spouse until such time as he or she remarries or sells or otherwise disposes of the property. If the spouse sells the property, an exemption not to exceed the amount granted from the most recent ad valorem tax roll may be transferred to his or her new residence as long as it is used as his or her primary residence and he or she does not remarry. FS 196.081

Veterans who are paraplegic, hemiplegic, are permanently and totally disabled, must use a wheelchair for mobility, or are legally blind are exempt from real estate taxation if gross annual household income does not exceed the adjusted maximum allowed. The veteran must be a resident of the State of Florida to qualify. Certificate of such disability from two licensed doctors of this state or from the VA or an award letter from the Social Security Administration to the property appraiser is prima facie evidence of entitlement to such exemption. FS 196.101

Homestead Exemption for who has 10% to 100% BUT not Permanent in nature VA service connected disability.
Eligible veterans with service-connected disabilities of 10% or more shall be entitled to a $5000 property tax exemption. To qualify for homestead exemption a veteran must be a bonafide resident of the state. FS 196.24

Every person who is entitled to homestead exemption in this state and who is serving in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States may file a claim for homestead exemption. Servicemen unable to file in person may file through next of kin or duly authorized representatives. FS 196.071

Ad Valorem Discount for Disabled Veterans

The Ad Valorem Discount for Disabled Veterans (s 196.082 F.S.), initially known as Amendment 7, provides an additional property tax discount for eligible Florida veterans as a continuing recognition of their contributions to our Nation's freedom. On Nov. 7, 2006, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved constitutional Amendment 7, which, as an additive benefit, provides a discount from the amount of ad valorem tax on the homestead of a partially disabled veteran who is age 65 or older, who was a Florida resident at the time of entering military service, who provides evidence that identifies a combat-related disability, and who was honorably discharged; to specify the percentage of the discount as equal to the percentage of the veteran's service-connected disability.

County grants for active duty military servicemembers in combat in addition to existing federal and state benefits.

Several counties in the state of Florida, in appreciation for their residents’ military service, have established Active Military Combat Duty Grant Programs. The grant programs are designed to assist servicemembers (Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard), who are fighting in the Global War on Terrorism with the support of their families and homes. To read more about these programs and to see if your county offers this program, click

Florida VA Medical System

The first thing you must do is enroll in the VA medical system. You do this by visiting any VA healthcare facility and bring your DD 214 that shows your character of discharge. You can go to any Florida Department of Veterans Affairs office which can be found in the VA medical centers or you can go to the VA enrollment section of the facility. Below you will find a link to a listing of the facilities in the Florida VA medical system. The state of Florida's nursing homes for veterans can be found at Daytona Beach (Volusia county), Lake City, Land O Lakes (Pasco County), Pembroke Pines (Broward County), Port Charlotte (Charlotte County) and Springfield (Bay County). To view these nursing homes just click on the link below.

You can get an application for the Florida state nursing homes at any Florida Department of Veterans Affairs or County service office or you can call 904-274-3460.
There are 80 VA outpatient clinics located in FL for veterans. They are in Jacksonville, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Brevard, Orlando, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, and Port Richey. You can find these Florida VA outpatient clinics by the link below.

To find all the medical centers associated with the Florida VA medical system you should check the link below.

If you are looking for a VA medical center four females in Florida you will find more information at the link below.

Florida Homeless Veterans Benefits

Homeless veterans are a huge problem in the United States. In fact, one third of the adult homeless population served in the military. There is approximately 250,000 male and female veterans that are homeless everyday, and about twice as many at certain times of the year. Most homeless veterans are male, single, and come from poor disadvantaged backgrounds. It is also significant to note that homeless veterans tend to be older and more educated then the homeless that are not veterans. About 45% of homeless veterans suffer from mental illness. The US Department of Veterans Affairs have many services for homeless veterans.

USDVA's specialized homeless veterans treatment programs have grown and developed since they were first authorized in 1987. The programs strive to offer a continuum of services that include:
1.  aggressive outreach to those veterans living on streets and in shelters who otherwise would not seek assistance;
2.  clinical assessment and referral to needed medical treatment for physical and psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse;
3.  long-term sheltered transitional assistance, case management, and rehabilitation;
4.  employment assistance and linkage with available income supports; and
5.  supported permanent housing.
For more information on these programs visit
In partnership with the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA), the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs (FDVA), and numerous veterans' service organizations, Volunteers of America of Florida has launched a Mobile Service Center that travels throughout Florida offering health services to the state's estimated 17,000 homeless veterans.
For more info call:  813-282-1525, ext. 228
 In 1988, a group of Vietnam veterans held the first Stand Down in San Diego, CA.  In 1998, 123 stand downs/benefit fairs were held in 42 states and the District of Columbia.  Today Stand Down 2000 is a nationwide partnership between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and various non-profit organizations.
Stand downs are designed to bring all the support to bear on the problem of homelessness by enlisting veterans' service organizations; city, county, state and community service organizations; homeless coalitions; and USDVA facilities (VA medical centers, Vet Centers, regional offices) to provide outreach to homeless veterans.  Stand Downs provide a gateway to government and community services that includes assessment and screening, crisis services, counseling, referral and placement.
 National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.  Founded in 1990 by a group of community-based homeless veteran service providers, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) is a nonprofit, tax exempt, 501(c)3 corporation.
 The Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs held its first Statewide Homeless Veterans' Conference in partnership with the US departments of Veterans' Affairs, Housing and Urban Renewal, and Labor October 23 & 24 in Orlando, FL, in conjunction with the Florida Coalition for the Homeless.

FL Licence and Motor Vehicle Benefits


Hunting and Fishing License
In order to receive a no-cost Resident Disabled Person's Hunting and Fishing Certificate from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, applicants must attach a copy of one of the following certifying him or her as totally and permanently disabled:
•Certification by the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board
•Certification by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces
•A Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs 100% Service-connected Disabled Veteran Identification Card (must have a statement of "total and permanent disabled")
•Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security/AWI Division of Workers Compensation (LES Form DWC-4)
•An order from a Judge of Compensation claims
•Written confirmation by the carrier providing Workers' Compensation benefits
Documentation of current (dated within the last 12 months) eligibility for Disability Benefits from Social Security Administration.
Applicants must also attach proof of Florida residency as outlined on the application.

License Tags

You don’t have to be a veteran to “Salute” our veterans and active duty military personnel.
Joining the “Florida Salutes Veterans” and the U.S. Marine Corps license plates already available are new plates for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Coast Guard.
These new military specialty automobile license plates, along with the “Florida Salutes Veterans” and the U.S. Marine Corps license plates, are available now at local DMV offices.
DV License Tag

One free motor vehicle license number plate shall be issued by the department for use on any motor vehicle owned or leased by any disabled veteran who has been a continuous resident of Florida for the last five years or has established a domicile as provided by FS 222.17(1) or (2) and (3), upon application accompanied by proof that:
1. the vehicle was acquired through financial assistance from  the VA, or
2. the veteran has been determined by the VA to have a service-connected disability of 100% rating for compensation, or
3. the veteran has been determined to have a service- connected disability of 100% and is in receipt of disability retirement pay from any branch of the uniformed Armed Forces. A plate fee is charged. FS 320.084(1),(a),(b),(c)
Permits/Fees (parking, tolls, building improvements)

Disabled Veterans Exempt from Certain License or Permit Fees

No totally and permanently disabled veteran who is a resident of Florida shall be required to pay license or permit fees to any county or municipality in order to make certain improvements to assist with his or her disability on any mobile home owned by the veteran and used as his/her residence. Improvements are limited to ramps, widening of doors, and similar improvements for the purpose of making the mobile home habitable for veterans confined to wheelchairs. FS 295.16

Handicapped Toll Permit

Any handicapped person who has a valid driver’s license, who operates a vehicle specially equipped for use by the handicapped, and who is certified by a licensed physician or by the VA Adjudication Officer as being physically disabled and having permanent impairments which impair the person’s ability to deposit coins in toll baskets shall be allowed to pass free through all tollgates. A vehicle window sticker will be issued. FS 338.155(3)

Exemption Parking Permit: Persons With Permanent Mobility Problems

A disabled veteran who is a resident of this state and honorably discharged, and has been determined by the VA or the Federal Government to have a service-connected disability rating for compensation of 50% or greater and has a signed physician's statement of qualification is eligible for the permit. The fees are $1.50 for the initial parking permit, and $1.50 for renewal parking permit and for each additional renewal parking permit. The fee must be paid to the tax collector of the county in which the fee was generated. The department shall not issue to any one eligible applicant more than two exemption parking permits upon request of the applicant. FS 320.0848(2),(c)

If you are tired of fighting the Florida VA to get your VA Compensation benefits call us at 1-877-527-5529.  This page is devoted to other FL state FDVA benefits to help you find additional benefits you may be entitled to most which you could be eligible for if you get your VA compensation or Pension in FL

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